Disk Space

How Much Disk Space Do I Need?

how much disk space do i need The Hype!
Unlimited disk drive space. While some hosting providers offer unlimited disk space to lure you into signing up, think about that for one minute. The space on a server’s hard drive is not an infinite number, and will run out quickly if not properly managed by the provider. The fine print likely states unlimited disk drive space is for your website content only, and not for email and other personal file storage. Consider the fact that the “average” website size is around 150MB, so realistically no one needs much more disk space than that for actual website related files.

The Reality!

So then how much disk space will you really need for your website? Well that is entirely dependent on the content of your website. While there certainly are a lot of websites today that consist of only a single page, a typical website will average around 150 MB with one web page taking up around 1 to 2 MB. It’s generally not recommended to have pages larger than 2 MB  due to their long loading time, which will lead to a bad user experience. Most users do not have the patience to wait for a slow loading web page and will find another site to go to instead. Search engines such as Google, are aware of these page abandons and this will have a negative impact on your SEO

You’re objective should be to create a site that is visually appealing with fast loading pages, which will keep visitors engaged on your website. You also must consider just what the content of your website is going to be. Will you have a lot of graphics, video media and/or photos? Too much of this type of content, even if managed correctly, could slow down your site.

Many Web Hosting providers will offer unlimited disk space. In our opinion, 5 GB is more than enough for most individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Use the table below to help you determine how much disk space your site may need when purchasing your hosting plan. Be sure to review our facts page regarding bandwidth.

Average Page Size

2 MB

2 MB

2 MB

2 MB

Number Of Pages





Required Disk Space

200 MB

1 GB

2 GB

4 GB