Climate Controlled Data Center

Climate Controlled Data Center server


All TBwebworks servers are located in a “highly secured” climate controlled Data Center. The Network Operations Center. The is manned 24/7/365 by onsite, highly trained support technicians, resulting in very fast incident response times.
Access to the building is strictly limited to technical support staff and controlled by electronic security systems and motion detecting cameras that cover the entire facility.
Server environment is controlled by using multiple Liebert 20 to 45 ton up-flow and down-flow AC units keeping the temperature and humidity levels consistent. Coupled by an air filtration system that actively removes foreign particles from circulation, keeps a consistently healthy environment for our servers helping to eliminate any downtime. In the unlikely event you experience issues with your website, simply contact our technical support team to report the problem. Response times are typically within 2 hrs. For more information see support page for more details.