Web Hosting and Design

Services Offered: Web Hosting & Design

Here at TBwebworks, we do not  believe in the old,  “bait-and-switch” or gimmicks to lure in your business. You’ll get what is included with the hosting plan offered, and there are no “hidden costs or fees”. The price is the price. We don’t offer unlimited disk space or unmetered bandwidth, but neither does anyone else if you read the fine print. The difference is that we tell you upfront and straight forward what you get. For website design and maintenance, there are too many variables involved to set a single price. Therefore, for design and maintenance services, prices are always negotiated and agreed upon prior to you receiving an invoice.

We provide disk space and site maintenance tools necessary to have an online presence. You can  create and manage the site yourself, or TBwebworks can create and manage the site for you.
Domain names are always renewed annually, regardless of who is hosting your website. We can keep your domain name registered and automatically renewed even if you don’t host your site with TBwebworks. We also provide a domain name lookup tool to see what names are available.
 If you need a site created even if you’re not hosting with TBwebworks, (though we do highly recommend it), we will create a site for you. We offer responsive web design guaranteed to be mobile friendly. What this means is, the content that you see on your desktop,  is resized, and rearranged to display appropriately on variably sized mobile devices.
If you already have a website, but are looking for a mobile friendly version, we can create a design using your current content that will display properly on a mobile phone. We can also, and we do recommend this, “redesign” your website so that your site has the same design and content, regardless of the device it’s displayed on.
 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services. Web Hosting and Design