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WordPress Management


WordPress Management Services

WordPress is one of the most popular tools available today for web developers. With that popularity comes the increase of security risks. Let’s face it, in today’s world, the more popular something is, the more interest there is for hackers to gain access. That’s why it’s crucial that not only WordPress be kept up to date, but all the necessary plugins required to run your website must constantly be updated as well.

TBwebworks offers WordPress management services to keep your WordPress site secure and updated to minimize the risk of hackers gaining access to your website. This includes adding security configuration to WordPress core files as well as utilizing strong password protection. Installation of a firewall specific for your site will be added as well, which not only helps prevent a hacker from gaining access, but also logs details of the attempts.  Regular monitoring of the site for needed updates to WordPress and it’s plugins is provided and completed as needed.


If you already have a WordPress site but frustrated with the hassle of security and maintenance, TBwebworks can help. We will migrate your WordPress site to our servers free of charge. Once your site is migrated, and the security is configured, we will monitor and apply the updates as needed. Once completed, only the standard hosting and WordPress maintenance fee apply.

Included in this service is website backups. In addition to our standard server backups, we will always create a copy of your site prior to updating it. This is to safeguard against something going wrong with either the WordPress or Plugin updates. This way it can quickly be brought back to the previous configuration until the update issue can be resolved by the vendor. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this service.