Bandwidth Facts

What Is Bandwidth And How Much Do I Need?

what is bandwidthThe Hype!

Unlimited Bandwidth facts. A lot of hosting providers offer unlimited amounts to lure you in to signing up for their service. This is an unrealistic and deceiving offer if you think about the fact that the provider has to first, purchase the bandwidth and then divide it up between all its customers. Controlling the amount of Internet traffic per site ensures the performance and reliability of all the other sites the hosting provider is serving. You wouldn’t want your site to slow down just because someone else is taking up this precious resource from you, right?

The Fact is

A poorly managed website, or a website that has been compromised through hacking, can easily start generating large amounts of traffic. Therefore, it must be divided equally among all websites. A website that has run out of it’s allotted bandwidth should be disabled to preserve the performance of all the other websites on the server. Keep in mind that some providers will allow you to exceed a set limit, but  will then automatically bill you without notice for any resource overage (the fine print). With TBwebworks, you will never get an unexpected invoice.

The Reality!

So what is bandwidth? Simply put, it is the number of visitors you have going to your website. Traffic is another word that is commonly used when discussing the term bandwidth. The more visitors you have on your website, the more traffic it has, therefore it consumes more bandwidth. So if you’re paying for a specific amount each month, which is typical, you only need to have enough available to accommodate the amount of expected visitors to your website each month.

As an analogy, if a four lane highway has more cars on it than it can fit, no other cars can enter the highway because the lanes are full and a traffic jam is likely. So think of bandwidth as a four lane highway, and a car as your site visitor. Bandwidth only allows so many visitors before it stops allowing visitors to your site, as the four lane highway can only hold so many cars before no more cars can enter.

Typically, about 99% of the websites on the Internet today don’t use no more than 5 GB of bandwidth each month. So just how much will your website need?

Websites that contain a lot of images and/or video streaming would be expected to generate a significant amount of traffic that will require a larger amount each month. Use the table below to help you determine how much your site may need when purchasing your hosting plan. Be sure to review our fact page regarding disk space.

Number Of Page Loads Daily





Number Of Page Loads Monthly





Monthly Bandwidth Needed

6 GB

30 GB

60 GB

120 GB