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WordPress is one of the most popular web development tools available today. However, that popularity can lead to an increased interest for hackers to gain access. Therefore, it’s extremely important that your WordPress site is kept up to date. At the same time, all of the required plugins your website uses should also be updated. Don’t let your website get out of date. Don’t risk your websites security either. Why not let TBwebworks manage your WordPress site? That way you can focus on the the tasks that matter to you most. Continue reading to find out more about this valuable service.

What does the service include?

WordPress websites are being hacked more frequently than ever before. And for that reason, TBwebworks now offers WordPress management services. This service helps to keep your WordPress site secure and up to date. Regular updates are the best way to minimize the risk of hackers gaining access to your website. The service also includes adding security configuration to htaccess and WordPress core files. These are things the average WordPress user is unaware of. At the same time we will utilize strong password protection. A firewall specific for your website will also be installed. This  helps prevent hackers from gaining access. Additionally it logs details of the attempts.  We also provide regular monthly monitoring of the site for needed updates to WordPress and it’s plugins. If updates are available, we will install them. Themes will not be updated unless the site was built using a child theme.

Website backups before and after the updates are also included in the service. This is in addition to our standard server backups. Should something go wrong with the updates, the site can quickly be brought back to it’s previous state. However, we cannot be responsible for plugins that no longer work after an update. If that should happen, we will restore the last version that worked. Failed updates will be tested again each month for resolution by the vendor. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this service.

Website migration to TBwebworks Hosting

Do you already have a WordPress site and are frustrated with the hassle of security and maintenance? TBwebworks can help.  Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a new hosting provider. If so, we will migrate your WordPress site to our servers. Migration is done “free of charge”. Once your site is migrated and the security is configured, we will monitor and apply the updates as needed. Only the standard hosting and WordPress maintenance fee apply once the migration is complete.

So why not let TBwebworks worry about your WordPress maintenance for you? It’s affordable and you can’t afford not to protect your website. Contact us today for worry free WordPress maintenance. Also be sure to see our pages on hosting and web design more information on those services.